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New MicroSCADA Pro SYS600 software released

Release announcement for SYS600 9.4 FP2


The MicroSCADA Pro product family continues to take full control over the Hitachi Energy by providing advanced solutions for substation automation, electrical SCADA, distribution management applications and industrial power management. This release further increases the operational safety and provides new and enhanced system deployment possibilities.

New features

  • Enhanced authority allocation
    The operators’ control authority can be managed with even greater flexibility in order to improve operational safety. The process can be divided into freely defined areas, each with its own control authority. The areas can be for example geographical, voltage levels or sub-systems, and the access rights are assigned to operators according to the areas. The system can also ensure that there is only one operator with control authority at a time for a particular area. The control authority can also be exchanged between operators on the fly, either by themselves or by a master operator.
  • IEC 61850 design, functional extensions and Edition 2 certificate
    SYS600 now enhances supports for substituted values, test mode and Service Tracking events from IEDs.
    The IEC 61850 system capacity is further enhanced and clarified in the updated design guidelines and the interoperability is also reassured by the fresh Edition 2 compliance certificate from DNV GL/KEMA
  • Deployment in virtual servers
    A new guideline for deploying SYS600 in virtual servers using WMWare vSphere virtualization solutions is available. The virtualization efficiently decreases dependencies to the server hardware, further improves availability and makes system administration tasks easy and fast.
  • New process graphics viewer
    The new Monitor Pro+ improves the process graphics quality as well as zooming and panning performance.

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Mikael Molander
Global Product Manager
Grid Automation Products


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