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New MicroSCADA Pro SYS600C released

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The new release of SYS600C 3.94 significantly increases the capacity of the product allowing more IEDs to be connected. The product now has up to 12 LAN ports for extensive connectivity. We have also taken the internal supervision to the next level with improved reliability.

Introduction to the product family

MicroSCADA Pro is a product family focused on power system automation such as substation automation, electrical SCADA, distribution management applications, and industrial power management. The products of the MicroSCADA Pro family are:

  • MicroSCADA Pro Control System SYS600
  • MicroSCADA Pro Compact System SYS600C
  • MicroSCADA Pro Distribution Management System DMS600

New features:

Higher capacity

SYS600C can now handle up to 300 IEDs over IEC 61850 and up to 500 IEDs over Modbus. In large systems this means less complexity and reduced system configuration efforts thanks to less devices. The overall performance and user interface responsiveness is also improved.

Extensive connectivity

The communication port configuration is changed a bit. There are now 10 serial ports (RS232/485) integrated and the number of LAN ports is increased to 8 electrical (RJ45) and optionally 4 optical (LC). All ports can be utilized for IEC 61850 redundancy (PRP) both according to Edition 1 and 2.

Improved hardware supervision

The product now supervises the following:

  • External power input (and also mainboard 12V input) status
  • Ethernet link status
  • Mainboard voltage (+12V +5V +3.3V etc.)
  • CPU/SYSTEM temperature
  • BIOS battery voltage level

The supervision information is available as process objects, which means that possible alarms are visible in the alarm list and the information can also be sent to upper level systems.  This allows corrective actions to be taken in time and when needed. 

HDMI Monitor interfaces

The product is now equipped with two HDMI ports for connecting local displays. This means that SYS600C can be used as a full workplace without adding additional computers. There is also a VGA connector available in parallel to one of the HDMI ports.

More information

All license orders for MicroSCADA Pro are done via the On-line MicroSCADA Pro Sales Configurator.
More information about ordering can be found in the release note and the release presentation.

The Release note documentation is located in this page under 'Release notes' and the software for the MicroSCADA Pro at MicroSCADA Pro portal.

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Mikael Molander
Product Manager
power plant engineer for substation
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