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RXPG - Transient measuring directional relay and earth-fault protection

Directional earth-fault protections are used when selectivity is required, e.g. due to parallel lines, meshed networks or networks being supplied from a number of directions. They are also normally required in radial fed systems to get selective operation.

RXPG 4 is a transient measuring directional earth-fault relay which determines the direction to an earth fault based on the short-term transient built-up in the beginning of the earth-fault. Thus, no resistance is required in the neutral point of the system. This improves the possibility of discovering high-impedance earth-fault, for example at a broken conductor. RXPG is available in three variants, all with the same measuring features but with logics and outputs adapted for different applications.

The earth-fault protections are available in six different designs. All contain a test switch RTXP 18 and a transient measuring directional relay RXPG 4 of variant A, B or C. Protections containing relays of variant B or C have one or two auxiliary relays RXME 1 respectively. In protections of auxiliary voltages other than 48 and 110 V dc are also a dc-dc converter RXTUG 22H included.

The RXPG 4 relay consists mainly of two input transformers, for the adaptation of current and voltage to the measuring circuits, and of three printed board assemblies.

Main features of the relay are:

  • Transient measuring directional earth-fault relay for resonant earthed systems.
  • Correct directional measuring without use of a neutral point resistor.
  • Bidirectional design with separate start functions for earth-faults on the line side and the busbar side.
  • Settable enable value, 10-30 V neutral point voltage.
  • Built-in timers.
  • Three design variants with logics and outputs adapted for different applications.

Main earth-fault protection features:

  • Directional earth-fault protections for resonant earthed systems with or without use of a neutral point resistor.
  • Independent time delay.
  • Different tripping and indication variants available.
  • Test switch included. 

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