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RXZK / RAZK - Impedance relay and protection assemblies

The RXZK 2*H family of relays are intended for general purpose use in power systems as primary or backup functions often in combination with other protective relays.

The quadrilateral impedance reach characteristic is independently adjustable in the reactive and resistive direction. Forward, reverse and non-directional functions are available.

Applications of RXZK 21H and RXZK 22H include single and dual zone impedance protection of transformers, generators, lines and cables. The relays include a directional element which is provided with a memory function upon loss-of-voltage during the fault.

RXZK 23H is an out-of-step tripping relay intended for generators and tie-lines between power systems. Tripping is affected when there has been a current reversal and only upon leaving the relay impedance characteristic ensuring that breaker stress is minimized.

Main Features RXZK 21H:

  • One-zone + time function
  • Directional element
  • Definite time delay settable 0,1 - 5 s on second measuring stage
  • Quadrilateral characteristic with individual RX setting
  • Characteristic angle settable 0° to 120°

Main Features RXZK 22H:

  • Two zones + time functions
  • Directional unit
  • Quadrilateral characteristic with individual RX settings
  • Load encroachment prevention for zone 2 0, 15, 30 and 45°
  • 0 - 120 characteristic
  • Zone 2 delay settable 0 - 5 s

Main Features RXZK 23H:

  • Out-of-step + one zone
  • Quadrilateral characteristic with individual RX setting
  • 0 - 5 s delay settable per impedance zone
  • 0 - 90° characteristic angle selectable 

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