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RXEDA/RAEDA - Time-overvoltage relay and protection assemblies

RXEDA 1 is a microprocessor based time-overvoltage relay. The relay can be used for AC or DC. The AC input can be single- two- or three-phase, with or without neutral.

The relay may also be used as an instantaneous single-phase undervoltage relay. In case of three-phase undervoltage applications using one relay only, the relay will set required undervoltage in all phases in order to operate.

Since the relay does not need a separate auxiliary DC supply, it is suitable as a replacement for electromechanical relays.

RXEDA 1 has a built in timer and a LED indication of the time-delayed trip function. A starting output can be used as an alternative to having both outputs operated after the time-delay.

Main Features:

  • Setting voltage ranges are 20-300 V DC and 15-210 V AC, 15-400 Hz
  • Setting time range of 0-10 s definite time
  • Two output change-over contacts; one for start and one for time function or both for time function
  • High resetting ratio; > 97 %
  • No auxiliary voltage required 
RXEDA/RAEDA - Time-overvoltage relay

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