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RTXE - Component block

RTXE offers an easy-to-use method to house supplementary components to the COMBIFLEX relays. It is available in various variants with diodes, a diode bridge, resistors or a varistor embedded in plastic material together with the required connection leads.

The leads are 150 mm long with a cross-section of 0,5 mm 2 . The terminations are marked with numbers 51, 52 up to 56 and provided with 10 A COMBIFLEX sockets. This allows direct connection to the relay terminals via the terminal base used. This may be used for example to add a diode for drop out delay of an auxiliary relay.

Included are self-tapping fixing screws of type B2 x 9,5 for fitting the RTXE in the component pocket at the rear of RX 1, RX 2, RX 2H or RX 4 terminal bases. The RTXE when needed, thus requires no extra panel mounting space which makes it easy to add supplementary components to COMBIFLEX relays.

If there is a need for more than one RTXE for an application to modify the electrical characteristic of a relay, they can be connected to the same electrical point using RTXC branch connectors.

Main Features:

  • Compact - for small component additions
  • Housed into COMBIFLEX RX * terminal bases
  • Wide range of components
  • Inexpensive
  • Permits addition without need for extra mounting space 
RTXE - Component block

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