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Network transformers

Hitachi Energy has completed the development of the dry-type transformer intended for network applications, even submersible. The unit is inside of a completely sealed tank and both tank and active assembly have been designed and tested to the IEEE C57.12.40 standard for network transformers (amended for dry-type features). The absence of oil eliminates the threat to the surrounding environment during an internal failure. 

Main features of dry-type submersible network transformer are: complete absence of oil, entirely welded tank assembly, N2 gas overpressure for tank deterioration monitoring, 2-position ground switch, 70 percent overloading capability, similar footprint to liquid-filled units with cooling fans and power rating up to 1,000 kVA and 15 kV primary voltages.

Product scope

  • Up to 1 MVA
  • High voltage up to 15 kV
  • Classes E2, E3, C2, F1
  • Frequencies: 50 Hz, 60 Hz and 16 2/3 Hz
  • Cooling: AN
  • Insulation system temperature: F and H
  • Partial discharges <10 pC

Why Hitachi Energy?

  • Respectful with people and property
  • Suitable for being installed in the cities with high density (underground)
  • Unique Hitachi Energy solution
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