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Troubleshooting Services​

Corrective actions are needed from time to time when unscheduled problems occur. Hitachi Energy is committed to supplying support solutions that meet your needs and specifications.​

To rectify a problem as soon as possible, our Rapid Response service provides you with expert support from a knowledgeable Hitachi Energy engineer with immediate access to solutions via several support options:​

24/7 phone: In the event of a problem, 24/7 phone support provides the security of a hotline at any time by phone, e-mail, or even IM. Quick connection to a skilled, knowledgeable Hitachi Energy engineer offers direct access to the solutions you need immediately, and saves valuable time. Minor incidents are usually solved quickly, and in the event of a major issue, you will have the right support from the start.​

24/7 remote: Remote assistance enables your Hitachi Energy engineers to immediately start troubleshooting and monitor your equipment from a secure remote location within the Hitachi Energy network. Remote assistance is a key feature from both a monitoring management and corrective maintenance perspective. In addition, being able to perform system data and alarm analysis helps you to stay one step ahead.​

24/7 on-site: The on-site corrective maintenance service offers you the assurance that there are skilled Hitachi Energy personnel on standby to assist you in the case of a problem. Alongside 24/7 contact support, the service guarantees that a support engineer will arrive on your site within an agreed period of time

Why Hitachi Energy?
  • With the use of latest technology, our stringent processes and quality standards, your equipment will be back in service in the least amount of time.​

  • Global support network with extensive experience – underpinned by our uncompromised HSE standards.​

  • Expertise to increase equipment reliability during planned or emergency maintenance.
  • One of the largest and well-trained field service crews in the industry, all work (by Hitachi Energy Service engineers) and OEM parts are warranted

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