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High Voltage Academy

Montag, 29.05.2023, 18:00 - Freitag, 02.06.2023, 13:00 CEST
Ludvika, Sweden
Hitachi Energy Sweden AB, Valhallavägen 2

Next edition of High Voltage Academy will be held on May 27-31, 2024, in Ludvika, Sweden. Register on the link above if you would like to get information when the registration for High Voltage Academy 2024 opens.


Welcome to High Voltage Academy that will give you more and deeper insights and the latest findings within the energy business. At High Voltage Academy you will gain crucial knowledge about different aspects of the power technology and insights into power products on our way towards a sustainable energy future.

Meet with our experts and network with industry colleagues from all over the world.

Join us on May 27 - 31, 2024 in Ludvika, Sweden.

About High Voltage Academy

Since 2013, the business in Sweden has organized High Voltage Academy, inviting professionals worldwide, every year on site for five days in Ludvika. Our top experts in power share their knowledge and experience.

The High Voltage Academy is a unique training opportunity for power professionals. We have brought together our leading power product experts as instructors – with the aim to help you take part of the latest findings in power products in order to make the best possible investment and technology decisions.

Preliminary program

Welcome and evening dinner

Surge Arresters Transformer components Grid automation
Theory Bushing fundamentals Protecting renewables-challenges and solutions
Standards and testing Tap-changer fundamentals Topology aspects
Electrical and mechanical considerations Transformer components The series component networks
Installation and maintenance Bushing design and quality Protection schemes
Specification and selection How tap-changer support the transition to new energy Factory tour: HV surge Arresters or Transformers components
Applications Factory tour  
Open forum    
Factory tour    

Capacitors and filters Power transformers Substations and electrification
Location of filters/reactive power compensation Transformer fundamentals Sustainability from a “Plan-Build-Operate” perspective
Filters vs capacitors Biodegradable oil Sustainability in substation design
Selection and design of capacitor units Shunt reactor fundamentals Increasing demand for advanced system studies for grid connections
Cost drivers Transformer Diagnostics Interaction between protection relays and HV-apparatuses
Specify the equipment Transformer short circuit strength IEC 61850 for Smart Energy
Power quality measurements TXpand (Explosion proof design) Factory tour: Power transformers or Capacitors and Filters
DC Dry Capacitors Transformer design and calculation  
Factory tour Factory tour  

Circuit breakers Power Quality Solutions HVDC
Breaker design Introduction to Power Quality        A changing Energy System-HVDC role in the macro trends
Insulation stresses Shunt compensation Why HVDC – Main values and selection criteria
Breaking stresses Series compensation HVDC applications – Where HVDC is used and why
Mechanical stresses Factory tour with HVDC team HVDC Classic technology
Controlled switching applications   HVDC Light technology
Future & Innovative breaker solutions substations design   HVDC configurations
Breaker service   Equipment and Layout topology and disposition, indoor/outdoor areas
Factory tour   Main operation modes
    Factory tour with Power Quality Solutions team

Guest speaker
Program end approximately at 1 pm

Meet with some of our presenters

Oscar Forsberg

Area Sales Manager, Power Transformers

Håkan Rörvall

Principal Engineer, Capacitors

Karla Lainez Amaya

Sustainability Solutions Manager
Substations & Electrification 

Mauro Monge

Global HVDC Product Manager,

Hector Latorre

System Studies Engineer,
Power Quality Solutions 

Tomas Baeza

Application Engineering,
Power Quality Solutions

Sergiu Paduraru

Principal Technical Consultant,
Grid Automation Products 

Marina Gullo

Senior Project Lead Engineer Bushings,
Transformer Components 

Practical details and cost

Day: May 27 - 31, 2024
Place: At Hitachi Energy in Ludvika, Sweden
Participation fee: Around 2050 EUR (VAT not included)

Included in fee:

Technical training by Hitachi Energy experts
Course literature
Transfer: Stockholm Arlanda Airport - Ludvika - Stockholm Arlanda Airport
Lunch: Tuesday-Friday
Dinner: Monday-Thursday
Snacks and coffee 

Payment: Invoice


Accommodation will be pre-booked at Grand Hotel Elektra in Ludvika.
Hotel charge is around 1550 SEK/night, and shall be covered at participants own expense.

About Ludvika

The city of Ludvika is sometimes called a world center for power transmission. The operations in Ludvika are renowned for a rich track record of innovation that has contributed to shaping the world’s power industry over the past century.

Our business in Sweden has been a leader in high voltage technology for 120 years and is the home to some of the world´s leading power technology experts.

Foto Jonas Bilberg


Erika Messing, Project Leader for High Voltage Academy,  Business Development and Training, Transformer Service.
Erika Messing

Project Manager,  High Voltage Academy

+46 10 738 2020
Åke Bohl

Principal, High Voltage Academy

+46 10 738 3540