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Meet Our People Zurich, Switzerland 18-03-2021

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My Power Grids Story - Denisa Hochmannova, Czech Republic

I am proud to be Power Grids because we always look for ways to satisfy our customers through our sustainable solutions. Through communications with various local departments, with different cultures, we get to find ways to improve and reinvent ourselves and contribute to better customer service.

I work in a friendly atmosphere and the best is that I really have a feeling we work as a one team and there is no reason to be afraid to ask for a help or advise. I like working with departments from other countries because this provides some opportunity to learn something new. 

It’s very inspirational to see how the company is interested to growing its employees. I am inspired by the career paths and knowledge of some people from the company. I appreciate the culture of professionalism, intelligence and diligence of the people around me.  

As a Field Service Manager, I manage a team of eight field service engineers who provide service or new installations of High Voltage Products around the world. That´s always a good feeling to make the customer satisfied and that job was performed effectively by our skilled field service my team, on behalf of our company.

I believe in the bright future with our coming together with Hitachi and I am looking forward to new opportunities and innovations that we will bring to our customers with this integration.