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Hitachi Energy, Semiconductors, General Manager Dr. Rainer Kaesmaier, received prestigious “Dr. John Palmour Excellence Award"

Dr. Rainer Kaesmaier, General Manager Semiconductors, was awarded the "Dr. John Palmour Excellence Award" during the ISES - International Semiconductor Executive Summit EU Power - for his remarkable achievements in semiconductor industry during his career. The award is named after the legendary Dr. John Palmour, a pioneer in the semiconductor industry.

Dr. Rainer Kaesmaier was recognized for demonstrating unwavering commitment and innovation throughout his career. His remarkable achievements have advanced the power semiconductor industry and shaped the technologies that powers the world today. The highly successful event - International Semiconductor Executive Summits Power Division – wouldn’t exixt today without the joint commitment of Dr. Kaesmaier and Dr. Palmour vision to support such an initiative. The award was presented by Dr. John Edmon, co-founder of Wolfspeed, and close friend of Dr. John Palmour. 

From left to right: Dr. John Edmond, co-founder of Wolfspeed, Dr. Rainer Kaesmaier, General Manager Hitachi Energy GPG Semiconductors and Salah Nasri, President of the International Semiconductor Executive Summits (© ISES)

The Dr. John Palmour Excellence Award (© ISES)