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RXIK - Low current relay, 50-60 Hz and DC

RXIK is a static, sensitive, high-speed ac and dc overcurrent relay with two change-over contacts. It consists mainly of a level detector with an amplifier, a potentiometer, RC-circuits and regulating (zener) diodes.

RXIK 1 is used where high sensitivity is required, e.g. in the shaft current relay type RARIC, where a variant of RXIK 1 constitutes the measuring unit. When shunt connected, the relay can be used to measure large direct currents. The shunt wires may be long and have a small area as the relay power consumption is very low.

Main Features:

  • High sensitivity 0,5-2 mA AC
  • Low power consumption in measuring circuit, 20 W
  • High overload capacity, 125 mA continuously 

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