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RHGS - Case system for cubicle or surface mounting

The 6U tall RHGS type of case can be used for panel cut-out mounting and for 19” rack mounting. An adaptation to surface mounting is also available. The beige colored RHGS cases are available in three different sizes for 6, 12 and 30 COMBIFLEX relay seats.

RHGS cases can be combined with mounting accessories to get maximum flexibility for different panel depths and mounting methods. The cases can also be mechanically combined together with the terminals in the 670 series for a common look and feel of the relay panel assembly. The cases are available with or without doors.

The case, a metal box with the non-sealed rear side, has a collar flange which provides a stop when the case is inserted into a front panel opening. Internally, the case is provided with a support frame. The frame has space for a 4U assembly at the top and 2U at the bottom. COMBIFLEX relays and other apparatus which shall be mounted in RHGS are mounted onto apparatus bars available in matching lengths. To use the full 6U height for COMBIFLEX relays three bars are needed.

The color of the case is beige, matching the 500 series. A spacer frame for semi-flush mounting is available. The case can be provided with a door.

Mounting of RHGS cases with 670 series products is described in document 1MRK 514 012-BEN. The RHGS cases can be mounted in a 19” frame in a cubicle. Different sizes can be mounted together side by side to utilize the width of the frame in the cubicle.

Main Features:

  • Three sizes; RHGS 6, RHGS 12 and RHGS 30 (full 19” width)
  • COMBIFLEX relay panel mounting cases 6U (10,5”) tall
  • Protection class IP50 from front when door is used
  • Combines with 6U tall 670 series products
  • Suitable for: flush mounting, semi-flush mounting and surface mounting  

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