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AC bushings type AirRIP® flex Alternative Fluids 52-550 kV

Powered by our vast experience in designing thousands of bushings, AirRIP® flex Alternative Fluids (AF) reveals a new universe for alternative transformer fluids. Enabling transformer manufacturers and operators to accelerate their value creation endeavors, AirRIP® flex AF delivers customized and certified bushings through an efficient purchasing process & product delivery, easy installation & product upgrade facilities. AirRIP® flex AF bushings are completely dry, explosion-proof, and fire-resistant, and allow high application temperatures. AirRIP® flex AF is produced in a wide variety of designs and thus can easily fulfill specific customer requirements.


Product scope:

  • Voltage: 52 - 550 kV for alternative fluids
  • Current: ≤ 5,000 A
  • Transformer fluid: alternative fluids, e.g., synthetic/natural ester fluids, biodegradable/bio-based fluids, gas-to-liquid fluids
  • Technology: Resin impregnated paper (RIP)
  • Outdoor insulator: Directly molded silicone (52-245 kV); Silicone composite insulator (245-550 kV)

AirRIP® flex Alternative Fluids (AF) key technical features:

  • Partial discharge-free dry bushing
  • Certified by independent institutes for alternative transformer fluids
  • Certified for highest seismic resistance (IEEE- 693-2018) by utilizing a lightweight and FEM-optimized product design
  • Fast and easy installation without the need for draining the transformer oil enabled by our patented QuickConnect™ system. Watch the QuickConnect™ video to discover its benefits.
AirRIP® ᶠˡᵉˣ AF 52-550 kV