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Tap-changers and switches

Tap-changers are used to change the turn ratio between windings in a transformer. This ratio determines the voltage ratio between the windings and is essential for the stabilization of network voltage under variable load conditions. This adjustment may be made by an on-load tap-changer, or by a de-energized tap-changer, or by the selection of bolted link positions.

Hitachi Energy offers a comprehensive portfolio of on-load tap-changers both the conventional and vacuum type, for high voltage and low voltage regulation, in in-tank and on-tank solutions. Our offering includes a wide range of de-energized tap-changers.

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  • Over 100 years of tap-changer manufacturing experience
  • Proven solutions with decades of successful field operation 
  • Serving a variety of transformers in different regions and countries
  • Longest lifetime thanks to high-quality materials
  • Type-tested beyond international standards
  • High reliability from few parts and low complexity in design
  • Easiest maintenance thanks to open design and no need for special tools
  • Life-cycle support
  • Retrofit solutions for conventional on-load tap-changers types UCG, UCL, UCB, UCC and UCD
  • Easy to upgrade to vacuum technology in existing installation

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