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DTW de-energized tap-changers

The type DTW de-energized tap-changer is a versatile tap-changing switch, which is mounted inside the main transformer compartment attached to the cleat and lead structure of the transformer. The tap-changer is a modular design, which allows a wide variety of configurations to suit the needs of the transformer designer.

The tap-changer can be applied through BIL of 1,050 kV and has a base current rating of 1,000 A per deck. Each phase of the transformer requires at least one deck module of the tap-changer. Using multiple deck modules per phase extends the range of the tap changer to many different winding configurations.

Operation of the tap-changer is via a manual gearbox mounted on the exterior surface of the transformers. The switch is suitable for use as a dual voltage switch or as a delta-wye switch with appropriate modifications.

Product scope

  • Maximum rated through-current: 4,000 A (1,000 A per deck)
  • Highest rated lightning impulse / power frequency withstand to earth: 1,050 kV / 460 kV
  • Lightning impulse / power frequency withstand between adjacent contacts: 400 kV / 130 kV
  • Maximum number of operating positions: 6

Why Hitachi Energy?

  • The DTW tap changer is extremely versatile due to its modular design
  • BIL and current rating cover a broad range of transformer applications

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