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Maintain & Sustain

Maximize the lifetime value of your assets

Almost one trillion dollars is lost by industrial companies every year due to unplanned downtime. To minimize this, we design our products to deliver the highest standards of reliability but, as with all aging equipment, the correct maintenance is essential.

The primary goal of maintenance is to extend the life of your assets and to prevent failures from ever happening and to eliminate potential damages as quickly and safely as possible – and with optimized cost.

Typically the approach is time-based and corrective-maintenance, usually linked with diagnosis tests / engineering studies to clearly determine the most appropriate route of action. This is evolving, with condition-based maintenance and predictive maintenance through digitalized and connected assets.

The best strategy is an optimized combination of scheduled, selective and prepared maintenance activities. Maintenance programs generally need to be planned on a customer-specific basis. The purpose of building a plan is to define the recommended preventive maintenance activities.

We can provide you with on-site emergency support, also called corrective maintenance, 24/7 with a certain response time, as part of your service-level agreement.

Why Hitachi Energy?
  • Hitachi Energy has an extensive hands-on experience in preventive maintenance that will increase the asset’s reliability, reduce life cycle costs and prolong the asset’s life.
  • All maintenance work performed is based on a thorough analysis to match the appropriate intervention with the asset life-cycle strategy chosen.
  • With the use of latest technology, our stringent processes and quality standards, your equipment will be back in service in the least amount of time.
  • Global support network with extensive experience and consultant services to support individual maintenance strategies – underpinned by our uncompromised HSE standards.
  • Expertise to increase equipment reliability during planned or emergency maintenance.

With a Hitachi Energy Service Agreement, individual services are bundled into a tailor-made contract. The contract can cover a single service, support for the lifecycle of a product or take over maintenance management.

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