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eSourcing is a faster, more transparent and fair way of facilitating tenders and conducting negotiations. Founded on a web-based platform, eSourcing ensures smooth and clear communication, and is an efficient business tool for both suppliers as well as us. Our eSourcing program covers everything from eRFIs to eRFPs and eAuctions.

  • eRFI (Electronic-Request for Information): A request for Information is an online collection of information used to shortlist suppliers.
  • eRFP (Electronic-Request For Proposal): An eRFP is a combination of the technical as well as the commercial aspect of the quotation. It is used to gather information from suppliers to help initially qualify prospective suppliers and to gather bids on the desired items.
  • eAuction (Electronic auction): An eAuction provides a dynamic online competition between suppliers to provide the best pricing solution for goods or services.

  • Time saving
  • Transparency
  • Simple format for submitting data online
  • Faster evaluation process
  • Clearly defined requirements
  • Supports 26 languages

SAP Ariba Strategic Sourcing Suite is the one stop solution for conducting all the sourcing activities with us. A category manager or buyer who wants to run a sourcing event will connect with established suppliers by sending out an electronic request for information (eRFI), an electronic request for proposal (eRFP) or an invitation to participate in an eAuction.

Suppliers who are invited to an event will receive two emails. The first will be an official invitation to participate in the eSourcing event and the second will be on the refresher training to new suppliers.

Having received the link for participation, the supplier can login to

Google Chrome is the recommended web browser.

Training materials along with the FAQ’s can be found within the eSourcing portal in the help center. The following links will provide you with a basic overview on how to access and participate in the events.

Supplier Basics:

Participating in RFI’s:

Participating in RFP’s:

Participating in eAuctions:

SAP Ariba Supplier Support:

Hitachi Energy eSourcing Tool: (Log-in here)

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