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ETL600 R4 - Power line carrier system

The secure communication solution for critical infrastructures.

Universal Power Line Carrier System ETL600 R4 (ETL600) is an advanced PLC solution for the transmission of speech signals, data and protection commands over high-voltage transmission lines. With its universal hardware and software architecture, ETL600 simplifies the decision between traditional analog and advanced digital PLC equipment.

Using the same hardware components, the operating modes Digital or Analog can be selected by the user on site with just a few mouse clicks. In addition to user-friendliness combined with application flexibility and unprecedented data transmission speed, ETL600 also guarantees unconditional compatibility with legacy environment and integrates well into modern digital telecommunication infrastructures.

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Operating mode 2-wire frequency duplex
Modulation Single side band with suppressed carrier (SSB)
Multi-Carrier Modulation with Trellis Coding and Forward Error Correction
Single step frequency conversion with Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS)
Nominal bandwidth 2, 4, 8, 12, 16, 20, 24, 28, 32 kHz (each direction)
Edge frequencies at multiples of 500 Hz
Carrier frequency range 24 to 1000 kHz for nominal bandwidth ≥ 4 kHz
24 to 500 kHz for 2 kHz nominal bandwidth
Standards compliance IEC 60495, IEC 60834-1, IEC 60950-1, IEC 61000-6-2, 
IEC 61000-6-4 (EN 55022 / CISPR22, Class A)
Nominal transmit output power (PEP) ETL600-050: 50 W / +47 dBm,
ETL600-100: 100 W / +50 dBm
(may be decreased via user interface program HMI in steps of 1 dB)
Nominal output impedance 75 Ohm unbalanced
150 Ohm balanced as option
Return loss in the transmitter band > 10 dB according to IEC 60495
Tapping loss < 1.5 dB according to IEC 60495
Receiver sensitivity -30 dBm pilot level at the RF input
Receiver selectivity > 65 dB / > 75 dB at 300 Hz / 4 kHz from the band edges 
(for nominal bandwidth > 2 kHz)
Image rejection > 75 dB
AGC (Automatic Gain Control) range > 40 dB
Power supply -48 VDC +20/-15 % (other on request)
Power consumption 
Normal operation @ 75 Ohm
135 to 155 W (1 to 3 APLC ch.)
210 to 230 W (1 to 3 APLC ch.)
Dual tone modulation PEP @ 75 Ohm
175 to 195 W (1 to 3 APLC ch.)
280 to 300 W (1 to 3 APLC ch.)
Alarm relay outputs Free changeover contacts
- System alarm / cabinet alarm
- Hardware alarm 
- Link alarm
- Interface alarm
- Warning
Event recording 2600 time-stamped alarm and manipulation events
2600 time-stamped command events
stored in nonvolatile memory
Clock synchronizing input for IRIG-B available
  • Cost efficient communication solution for the reliable control and protection of the power grid
  • Cost savings through common hardware- and spare parts inventory for analog and digital PLC systems
  • Flexible architecture for easy integration into traditional and modern environments
  • Reliable transmission of protection signals
  • Efficient exploitation of sparse frequency resources through flexible bandwidth selection
  • Backup solution for selected mission critical services normally conveyed over broadband media 

New features of ETL600 Release 4 (R4)

  • Increased output power: 50 Watts and 100 Watts up to 1 MHz
  • More compact architecture: new single rack 50 Watts version (6 height units)
  • Enhanced network (LAN) functionality: 4 integrated LAN ports (3x electrical, 1x optical), supporting VLAN and latest Cyber Security measures
  • Single or redundant power supply for all rack configurations
  • Digital transit of compressed voice channels: reduced delay and unchanged speech quality in tandem operations (up to 4 directions in a substation)

Main features

  • Common architecture for digital and analog operation in the same platform
  • Wide range of transmission bandwidth settings, programmable without exchanging hardware
  • SSB and Multi-Carrier (OFDM) digital modulation with Trellis Coding
  • Extended carrier frequency range up to 1000 kHz
  • Single step modulation with Direct Digital frequency Synthesis (DDS)
  • Up to 3 analog (APLC) channels, configurable for multi-purpose "speech plus" applications
  • Digital high-speed channel (DPLC), configurable with respect to transmission speed and spectral bandwidth
  • Up to 2 internal teleprotection systems with 4 independent commands each, adaptive signal processing ensuring shortest possible transmission times
  • Special operating mode for single purpose teleprotection in 2 kHz transmission bandwidth
  • Up to 4 integrated programmable low delay narrowband modems for up to 9600 bps, with adaptive equalizer for optimum performance
  • Integrated programmable broadband modem for up to 256 kbps with automatic suppression of narrowband interferers
  • Dynamic Speed Adaptation (DSA) for maximum data throughput and availability under difficult line conditions
  • Up to 16 digital compressed voice channels for telephony services
  • Integrated adaptive TDM-multiplexer for 10 data channels and 16 compressed voice channels
  • Interfaces for serial data, Ethernet/IP traffic (integrated switch/router) and equipment configuration
  • Graphical user interface (GUI) for convenient configuration, operation and maintenance
  • Element Management System (EMS) for supervising and managing of the entire PLC network via LAN, station bus and Embedded Operations Channel (EOC)
  • SNMP alarm traps for serving a communication network management system


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