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RTU540 product line

Technology translator for past & future system integration

Gateway product for distribution and sub-transmission. Bridges old and new technology and combines existing devices and new standards protocols (such as IEC 61850) in one substation automation system. RTU540 incorporates advanced features like programmable logic control and a human machine interface allowing for instant insight into the status of the grid. The high-quality, compact metal housing includes input and output modules which lead to space savings in the control cabinet.

Your benefits

  • Powerful protocol gateway to bridge old and new technologies in one system
  • Intelligent device for automated load and voltage control
  • Robust and compact housing for fan-less operation enables you to handle a complex network due to distributed intelligence
  • Agile functionality allows easy adaption of automation based on changing system requirements
  • Selective interpretation allow fast decision making in the network control center and safes primary equipment
  • Communication redundancy for peace of mind and confidence in your network

Being responsible for a whole network puts you in the situation where some devices might be brand new while others are working since a very long time. RTU540 is the perfect product for you to bring them together in one system. As a gateway between IEDs and network control system (communication protocols and station bus) it is able to interprete information from all standard protocols. Additionally our gateway is perfect if you want to integrate serial I/Os into your digital station bus.

We offer full protocol support and are able to digitize your data. The changing topology of modern electric networks requires a constant voltage control. This can be automated with the integration of RTU540 in the transformer. The device can independent from the network control center control the voltage levels and send signals to adjust them. This gives you the time to focus on more important topics in the control center and peace of mind that the RTU540 is the reliable solution for automation.

  • Automation of primary distribution substation
  • Gateway between IEDs and Network control system
  • Interfacing of station level I/Os into station bus
  • Integration of serial IEDs into station bus
  • Transformer monitoring and control
  • Voltage control
Application RTU520 RTU540 RTU560
Ring main units    
Pole-top RTUs    
Capacitor banks    
Demand response    
Fault detection isolation restoration    
Voltage optimization    
Decentralized energy resources    
Substation automation    
Wellhead automation
Pipeline supervision  
Monitoring and control of pumping stations  
Monitoring and control of lift stations  
Monitoring and control of water reservoirs    

Get to know more

540CID01: base module

DIN rail mounted base module RTU540:

  • 4x serial port (RS-232, RS-485)
  • 2x Ethernet interface (10/100BaseT)
  • 2x USB ports
  • Integrated I/O (16 binary inputs, 8 binary outputs, 8 analog inputs
  • Power supply 24...125 V DC
  • (1 out of n) check
  • With connection interface to RTU500 I/O-extension modules
  • Process voltage R0001: 24...60 V DC
  • Process voltage R0002: 110...125 V DC

540CMD01: base module

DIN rail mounted base module RTU540:

  • Metal housing
  • 4x serial port (RS-232, RS-485)
  • 2x Ethernet interface (10/100BaseT)
  • 2x USB ports
  • Power supply 24...125 V DC
  • With connection interface to RTU500 I/O-extension modules
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