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On-site Execution

On-site maintenance execution is done with the help of the RelCare mobile based on SWMS and allowing for the recording of maintenance and test results.

RelCare desktop or mobile can interface seamlessly with a variety of test equipment. If requested, Hitachi Energy can execute maintenance actions in part or as a whole. This can include maintenance actions aimed at diagnosing the current condition of the asset (inspections and predictive maintenance), preventing its potential or future failures (preventive maintenance).

Hitachi Energy support for maintenance execution enables:

  • Validate maintenance execution and corresponding results by subject matter experts;
  • Evaluate the measured trends in order to accurately predict future malfunction;


Routine maintenance

Hitachi Energy maintenance expert team to execute non-intrusive site examinations undertaken to identify potential equipment defects (no need for de-energization).

Hitachi Energy maintenance expert team to execute maintenance actions with the aim to keep the current condition of the equipment (need for de-energization).





Hitachi Energy diagnostic experts to execute test and diagnostics actions with the aim to identify future malfunctions and to define prospective preventive actions (need for deenergization), launch corrective actions.