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Operation and Maintenance Management

In an integrated environment, monitor the station from anywhere and at any time, optimize maintenance reaction by unexpected events.

Comprehensive maintenance system that considers the right maintenance strategies and customizes maintenance policies, all supported by a vast knowledge in maintenance engineering.

The integrated environment enabled:

  • Relentless digitalized station maintenance management;
  • Access to Maintenance Engineering expertise to get the best practices applied;
  • Up to date status of the station allowing maintenance crew immediate interaction.


Lean setup and maintenance management service

Integrated maintenance management service solution. Ready to use and benefit from with minimal setup and configuration efforts.

Digital maintenance management process and documents

Paperless maintenance information management system and records traceability.

Library of maintenance procedures with embedded health, safety, environment, and quality (HSEQ)

More than 700 standard maintenance actions and the procedures on how to execute them. Ready to generate advanced maintenance actions serving specific applications, operational constraints, manufacturer dependency, technological specificities, and legacy products.

On-site operations

Service person on duty for operation of the selected assets or the entire substations. Performance warranties as per availability commitment.

Remote operations

Remote operation of the selected assets or the entire substations through secure connection.