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Reactors and inductors

Hitachi Energy’s reactors increase the energy efficiency by improving power quality and reducing costs. By combining low life cycle cost and high efficiency, Hitachi Energy reactors will boost customers' bottom line. Hitachi Energy BUilds today a wide portfolio of reactors with dry-type and liquid-filled technology for both AC and DC voltages. Depending on the load pattern of the line and the balance of reactive power, the Hitachi Energy reactor is suitable for continuous as well as switched operation.

The reactor design is based on the gapped core concept, which gives a compact design with low losses and low total mass. The concept was introduced in the mid nineteen sixties. By continuing refinements, Hitachi Energy has learned to master critical operating parameters like vibrations and noise. Today the reactor is a high tech product requiring special skills in both design and manufacture.

Product scope

  • 10 to 330 MVAr, three-phase
  • Up to 110 MVAr, single-phase
  • Up to and including 800 kV

Why Hitachi Energy?

  • Complete product line
  • Engineering and manufacturing - maintaining the same mechanical performance after 40 years
  • Reliability - engineering and manufacturing for over 100 years

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