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RACIK (Legacy)

Time- and instantaneous two- or three-phase overcurrent and earth-fault protection based on single phase elements

RACIK is suitable for short-circuit and earth-fault overcurrent protection in unearthed, high-impedance, low-impedance or solidly earthed power systems. Options include sensitive and/or directional earth-fault measuring functions.

Two-or three-phase time-overcurrent relays are used as phase short-circuit protection in radial networks. The overcurrent protection in RACIK is therefore provided by two or three single phase time-overcurrent relay elements using the microprocessor-based numerical RXIDK 2H modular relay.

Earth-fault detection in RACIK can be based on the logarithmic inverse relay RXIDG 2H or directional overcurrent relay RXPDK 22H. For non-directional standard inverse curves or fixed time-delayed earth-fault protection, please use RXIDK 2H/RAIDK or RXIDK 4/RAIDK.

Main Features:

  • Two-or three-phase time-overcurrent protection with start, delayed and instantateous functions
  • Low set stage with inverse time or definite time characteristics
  • Instantaneous or definite time delayed high set stage
  • Independent measuring elements with indications per phase 

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