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RXKM - Time relay with wide time setting range

RXKM 2H is used where high operating requirements are necessary, such as in protection systems, automation control equipment, industrial processes, and control and signal systems. With the wide time setting ranges together with large operative ranges for DC as well as AC supply voltages, RXKM 2H can replace most other types of time relays.

RXKM 2H is a DC or AC voltage operated, high-precision, digital on-delay and off-delay time relay utilising a microprocessor for the time functions. The relay has built-in electromechanical output relays providing one instantaneous and two delayed medium-duty change-over contacts.

Main Features:

  • For protection, control and industrial systems
  • Wide time setting range; 20 ms to 99 h
  • Supply voltage 24 - 250 V DC and 48 - 240 V AC
  • Microprocessor design with digital setting
  • High accuracy
  • On-delay and off-delay relay with continuous and pulsed output function
  • Continuous and summation time measuring
  • Indication of start, elapsed time and operation
RXKM - Time relay

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