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Customers specify non-auto transformers for network applications when separate grounding systems between the high-voltage and low voltage is required.

Substation non-autotransformers, like autotransformers, transfer the incoming high-voltage to the next voltage level. As an example, an incoming high-voltage of 400 kV would be transferred down to 220 kV.

In general, they are equipped with on-load tap changers (OLTC) and are connected to the grids by bushings and cables. Non-autotransformers are built-in core forms with windings facing full power; that is, HV windings and LV windings are galvanically separated.


Product scope:

  • Ratings up to 1,300 MVA (or higher as required)
  • Primary voltage up to 765 kV and higher
  • Secondary voltage, in general, <= 230kV or higher depending on a grid configuration
  • Load tap changers available
  • Single-phase or three-phase 

Why Hitachi Energy

  • A world leader with 1,000+ transformers delivered annually from 12 factories
  • Twice the industry level on short circuit reliability
  • The lowest noise level transformers available in the market
  • Global methodology passed down through generations – BBC, ASEA, Westinghouse, General Electric, then Hitachi Energy
Hitachi Energy Non-autotransformers
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