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Cooling system overhaul

Cooling systems protect the transformer from accelerated aging by lowering the operating temperature and therefore avoids insulation disruptions leading to transformer failure.

The effect of a malfunctioning cooling system could cause significant disruptions to the availability of the transformer as well as the remaining life. By upgrading the cooling capacity capital optimization could also be achieved by increasing the rated capacity of the transformer. A well functioned cooling system requires regular maintenance and depending on the type, the life expectancy of the cooling devices can be much shorter than the transformer active part and tank.

Cooling system replacement/upgrades
The need to replacement or upgrade the cooling system can emerge from a verity of situations, such as old age, “wear and tear”, move of transformer, adaptation to new design technology. Upgrades of cooling systems enable an increase in loading capacity of the transformer.

Replacement: One-to-One replacement
Single tube to double tube
Oil/water to oil/air

Upgrades of existing cooling solution: From original size to large size

Scope of work

Coolers are cleaned by brushing inside the water tubes or by air-side vacuum cleaning when necessary. The need for cleaning is indicated by increased pressure loss, decreased temperature-difference oil/water/air in/out, increased transformer temperature, decreased water flow, etc. See the manufacturer’s documentation.

For cooling systems, our offering covers installation, preventive maintenance, diagnostics as well as replacement/upgrades. The key components include:

Installation report

Planned preventive maintenance
External visual inspection; looking for rust, leaking gaskets, noise.
External and internal cleaning; water that collects along the flanges and bolts (capillary effect) will eventually create rust, which, if nothing is done, will allow even more water to collect.
Replacement of gaskets; often occurs due to aging of gaskets. Moisture can enter the transformer and create water in the oil and damp insulators. This will increase the aging of the transformer or can develop into a direct malfunction.
Maintenance report

External and internal inspection, eg. through ultrasound
Diagnostics report

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