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Spares and consumables

Having critical parts on hand can significantly reduce the down-time associated with transformer maintenance and failure.

We provide genuine high quality spare parts and consumables, be as loose parts, sub-assemblies, or complete finished products, for maintenance of an existing installation. Using the extensive Hitachi Energy network, we are able to reduce downtime and get the production up as quickly as possible. Some of these parts can be purchased quickly “off-the-shelf” from the manufacturer. Other parts can take months to obtain.

Hitachi Energy has access to the original design documents for the impressive number of transformers installed worldwide, which belong to the Hitachi Energy family: ABB, ASEA, Ansaldo, Breda, BBC, CGE, Electric Bureau, Elta, IEL, ITE Indelve, Italtrafo, Lepper, MFO, GE, Gould, Marelli, Moloney, National Industri, Ocren, OEL, OTE, Richard Pfeiffer, Sécheron, Strömberg, TIBB, Thrige, Westinghouse and others. This makes it possible to trace part numbers and obtain original parts for replacement within a record time.

We can also provide in addition engineering support to find equivalent parts or to redesign parts to replace the ones that are no longer available.

Hitachi Energy proposes the following spare parts solutions:

  • Assessment of a transformer or transformer bank to determine what critical spare parts should be kept at hand for emergencies
  • Recommendation of parts to order in advance for a planned maintenance
  • Asset inventory
  • Stock management
  • Recommendations on storage methods

Why Hitachi Energy?

  • We provide genuine high quality spare parts and consumables with fast turn-around time, using our extensive network, thus reducing downtime
  • We can manufacture-to-order many retrofit nobel parts such as tap changes and bushings, thus extending the life time of your transformer
  • We can provide support with Asset Inventory and Stock Management Solutions to reduce the risk of not having critical nobel parts available in times of deer need

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