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TRO600 – Hybrid wireless architecture enables grid digitalization

New Tropos hybrid wireless networks fuel the benefits of grid digitalization.

In utility operating environments, there is a growing range of application requirements – some are time-critical, others bandwidth-intensive, and everything in between. What is certain is that the number of devices requiring connectivity is growing exponentially. The challenge facing the utility sector becomes – how to maintain high reliability and resiliency for mission-critical operations while expanding the network and adding ever-increasing numbers of devices and applications?

The transformation of the electricity industry and shift to digitalization is accelerating the need for reliable, secure, high-performance wireless networks. To address this need, Hitachi Energy has developed an “always-on,” high-availability, high-performance wireless network, specifically designed for critical utility operational applications. By leveraging multiple communication technologies, hybrid backhauling endeavors to reap the best of cellular and mesh networks, while mitigating their weaknesses.

Please join us for this informative session and learn how the new Tropos TRO600 hybrid wireless architecture can help you successfully enable the digital transformation of your utility.

We will cover:

  • Introduction to Hitachi Energy
  • Key trends, drivers and challenges facing utilities today and in the future
    • Increasing volume of data, devices and applications,
    • Need for reliability and security to optimize safety, operational efficiency and continuity of service
  • Digitalization and the need for critical communications infrastructure
  • The new Tropos hybrid wireless portfolio integrating cellular and mesh technologies
  • Examples of successful utility customer deployments



John Yelland

VP Global Marketing - Wireless

Michael Vandertuin

Sales Specialist / Sales Manager – Grid Automation Systems

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