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Evolving the grid: Challenges and opportunities for power grid operators

Increasing adoption of renewable power generation, coupled with the addition of new types of electrical-energy consumption, is drastically changing the grid infrastructure . Whether centralized or distributed, reliance on variable-generation renewable sources and widespread electrification of different sectors (such as transport) is challenging traditional grid management paradigms.

It is imperative for operators to be increasingly aware of the real-time situation (e.g., grid layout, interpretation of all data collected, prepared for potential scenarios) to maintain reliability, availability, security and economical access as the grid-interconnected power system evolves.

Join our expert panel as they discuss regional and global observations from system operators. They’ll elaborate on existing and emerging real-time control system technologies that can unblock grid challenges and unlock the value of a smarter, greener grid.

What will be covered:

  • How software advances are providing innovation on applications to readily integrate OT and IT systems

  • Where leveraging AI/machine learning and increasing data types and volumes can improve situational awareness for enhanced prediction and corrective actions

  • How technology enables holistic planning, operations and field service to help support overall grid stability and reliability

  • What the blurring lines between transmission & distribution, protection & control, and operations & maintenance looks like in various geographies (e.g., NAM, EU, Asia)

  • How technological progress can facilitate decarbonization and help your business meet regulation and compliance needs while facilitating the business bottom line

Who should attend:

  • IT & OT decision makers

  • O&M decision makers

  • T&D operators

  • Grid edge companies

  • Smart grid enthusiasts

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