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High-speed compensator PQdynaC

Fast, flexible and modular solution to mitigate power problems

PQdynaC is a high-speed system that compensates sudden and large disturbances due to reactive power changes in power networks, and keeps the network stable and healthy. It is designed to detect the grid disturbance, and act rapidly and smoothly so that critical network parameters like power factor and reactive power remain within acceptable limits.  As a consequence it also has a positive influence on the network voltage stability.  In addition to fast reactive power compensation, PQdynaC offers a load balancing feature and is available in a version incorporating limited harmonic filtering.

Using state-of-art control technology and power electronic switching, PQdynaC can almost instantaneously offset the lagging or leading power factor and the load unbalance caused by fast changing loads. A modular design offers flexibility to build a wide range of power ratings to meet all industrial as well as infrastructural energy compensation needs.

PQdynaC comes with 3-level inverter technology and segregated cooling design for reactors and controllers, making it highly energy efficient. Enhanced communication features like Wi-Fi enabled modules allow for easy setting up the system from a hand-held computer or even a smartphone. PQdynaC can be provided with an optional 7-inch touchscreen user-friendly HMI if desired. PQdynaC this way becomes the preferred choice for end users and integrators looking for an efficient solution for fast reactive power compensation and load-unbalance compensation. Versions with limited harmonic filtering capability, PQdynaC+ are available too.


  • Traction and metro (light rail) substations
  • Multiple industrial segments like mining, metals, paper etc.
  • Sensitive load compensation(e.g. hospitals)
  • Reactive power compensation where overcompensation is not allowed (e.g. generator fed networks)

Why Hitachi Energy?

  • Compact and versatile design
  • Low losses, high efficiency
  • Dedicated commissioning, service and troubleshooting support
  • User-friendly interface
  • Enhanced communication features
  • More than 15 years’ application expertise
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