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Stepless reactive compensator PQflexC

Stepless, smooth compensator to manage and mitigate reactive power challenges in modern networks

PQflexC is a stepless solution for varying power factor problems. With modular design and efficient technology, this product can offer a smooth reactive power compensation for the networks subjected to varying kVAR demand / supply, like utilities, industries or infrastructure establishments.

A modular design of PQflexC offers a wide range of power ratings for various industrial, utility and infrastructure applications. Compensation for both inductive as well as capacitive loads is possible through a wide setpoint range from 0.6 lag to 0.6 lead. Setting up a single unit of PQflexC with any stepped capacitor bank can also convert its operation into stepless one, thanks to its smooth switching operation.

The design features like three-level inverter technology and segregated cooling design for reactors and control parts give PQflexC a high energy efficiency. Multiple mounting configurations like rack mounting, wall mounting or standalone cabinet are available as per on-field requirements. A programmed 7-inch touchscreen interface makes the operation of PQflexC quite user friendly. Also, fitted with enhanced communication features, PQflexC modules can be operated, via an on-board Wi-Fi, through a distant workstation or even a smartphone app.


  • Utility power distribution networks
  • Industrial facilities of sectors like metals, mining, textile, power generation etc.
  • Commercial installations and data server facilities
  • Retrofitting projects of conventional fixed capacitor banks

Why Hitachi Energy?

  • Modular product package, offering a wide range of power ratings
  • Flexible mounting options to match needs of all types of installations
  • Advanced technology and in-house innovations contributing to highly efficient design and performance
  • User-friendly 7-inch HMI controller facilitating easy operations and monitoring
  • Flexible options for communication like Modbus and Wi-Fi
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