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Business team analyzing data on computer.

Velocity Suite

Velocity Suite provides analysts with the ability to quickly evaluate the activities of market participants and industry dynamics across commodities using a single integrated solution. With Velocity Suite, analysts can look at coal production, daily gas prices, plant capacity factors, weather normalized loads, and transmission all at the same time.

Key features

Velocity Suite includes an easy-to-use query tool with interactive output grids, charting, and mapping capabilities:


  • DataMiner quickly retrieves all data and geographic details available for a company in each sector of the energy industry.
  • EV Fuels’ extensive coal and natural gas information is updated daily and works in unison to provide you the entire fuels picture.
  • EV Energy Map seamlessly integrates market data that is updated daily with aerial imagery and the most accurate geospatial data.
  • EV Power combines all the data on the electric industry and updates it daily with the latest available information.
  • New Entrants tracks the development of new generation projects, notifying users of any changes for projects you select.
  • EV Market-Ops pulls together hourly supply and demand data and formats it for use as inputs to most market models.
  • EV Weather provides a reliable, easy way to view energy-specific data with the local weather conditions to integrate weather data into your project.
  • FTR Trader combines critical FTR market data with visualization, mapping, and querying capabilities so users can evaluate their current market position and new market opportunities.
  • Virtual Analyst provides quick answers to questions about who a company is doing business with, and where.
  • EV Grid Map enables users to import model output at the bus level, locate their exact geospatial location in the power grid, and create contour maps to pinpoint high and low prices in model runs.
Business team analyzing data on computer.
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