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Rail SFC PCS 6000

Hitachi Energy's static frequency conversion solutions ensure grid compatibility of traction power supplies, while optimizing performance of railway corridors.

The majority of the electric energy used by railways is drawn from national grids. However, the number of phases differs and the frequencies used for railway electrification may differ from these grids. The state-of-the-art solution is static frequency converters (SFCs) using proven power electronics.

The standardization of these power electronic modules delivers substantial advantages in terms of cost and quality. With many Rail SFC PCS 6000 installed worldwide this converter has an unbeatable track record of high reliability and availability.

Using a Rail SFC PCS 6000 within the 50 Hz to 50Hz traction power supply reduces installation, operation and maintenance costs, while increasing overall system efficiency and reliability.


•Parallel feeding allows longer feeding distances, reduces number of traction substations reduces neutral sections and creates real redundancy

•Improved system efficiency, Reduced active power consumption and Improved fault behavior

•Reduced short circuit current on railway side, No short circuit current is drawn from utility grids

•Improved power capabilities with active catenary voltage control

•Full decoupling ensures low harmonics effects from railway system towards 50 Hz utility grid and simplification of the connection agreement

•Active Power can be controlled and energy from braking trains can be reused

•SFC allow use of distribution network s as a railway power source

•Advanced test functionality for rolling stocks and catenary lines

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