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CAP 540 Free software package download

CAP 540 Terminal tool box

With the basic version of CAP 540 the user can work with parameter settings and disturbance data from the 500-series transmission terminals. Download the two files, Setup 1 and Setup 2, and follow the installation instructions given in the installation and commissioning manual. Fast network connection is strongly recommended due to file size.

Setup 1: CAP 540 (57 Mb)

Setup 2: PST (30 Mb)

After downloading the two files, Setup 1 and Setup 2, please download the Service Pack (SP) in order to get the latest improvements.

What's new in CAP 540 version 1.3

  • Network connection between remote and substation PC
  • Creation of a new project on an optional disk
  • Improved e-mail function for distributing Comtrade files
  • HMI LED indications to view the status of Terminal HMI LEDs
  • Move/insert nodes in Navigator
  • User defined menus

Important notice

Users running a previous version of CAP 540 without any options (e.g. remote connection, configuration or settings visualisation) can download CAP 540 version 1.3 and install this version on top of the earlier CAP 540 version. Users with one or more options installed running earlier versions of CAP 540 should not download and install the CAP 540 version 1.3 for upgrade purposes. Licensed users running one or more options should contact their local ABB representative for upgrading to CAP 540 version 1.3.

CAP 540*1.2 Service Pack 4 (SP 4)

For users without need to upgrade to CAP 540 version 1.3 running CAP 540 version 1.2, the SP 4 holds necessary terminal library updates for terminal version 1.2, 2.3 and 2.5. CAP 540*1.2 SP 4 is not intended for CAP 540 version 1.3.

CAP 540*1.3 Service Pack 4 (SP 4)

CAP 540*1.3 SP 4 follows CAP 540*1.3 SP 3. CAP 540*1.3 SP 4 is not intended for CAP 540 version 1.2. CAP 540*1.3 SP 4 for CAP 540 version 1.3 provides the following updates to the CAP 540 terminal tool box as well as updates from previous CAP 540*1.3 SP 1-3.

Please note: CAP 540*1.3 Service Pack 4 (SP 4) is only necessary if REO 517*2.4 is used!

CAP 540*1.3 Service Pack 5 (SP 5)

Service Pack 5 for CAP540 1.3-00 provides the latest update to the CAP540 terminal toolbox. Service Pack 5 follows Service Pack 4.

These are the fixes introduced by the new service pack:

  • CAP540
    • Fixed communication problem with Lenovo T61p laptops.
  • PST (Parameter Setting Tool)
    • Fixed the mismatch in the event masks. The user-defined names now appear correctly in the PST.

SP5 is considered as required for users having the above-mentioned problems.

Off-line configuration

With every order of 500-series transmission terminals, Hitachi Energy generates files that reflect the exact terminal functions ordered. These files can be loaded into the software. This adjusts the function library to contain the same functions as the terminals. This enables efficient off-line engineering. Follow the instructions in the order acknowledgment or contact your local Hitachi Energy representative and the files will be sent automatically to you by e-mail.

CAP 540 Free software package download
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