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AC bushings Padmounted LV bushings
AC bushings Padmounted LV bushings

We offer both high voltage and low voltage bushings designed for use in pad or surface mounted transformers. The bushings insulate the current carrying conductor from the tank allowing for termination of both the airside conductor and the transformer leads. Both the high and low voltage bushings conform to ANSI/IEEE standards.

One inch and five-eighth inch low voltage bushings are molded from a glass-reinforced, high temperature nylon resin. The inch and a quarter low voltage bushing is molded from a polyester resin. All of the low voltage bushings provide a spade terminal for internal connection and a threaded stud for external connection.
Product scope:

Voltage: through 600 V
Current: 600 A through 2,000 A
Technology: non-condenser

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AC bushings Padmounted LV bushings