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India Trainee Program

Are you looking to springboard your career, shape the future of energy, and make a real difference in a global company? Do you know the path you want to take, or do you want to explore different possibilities to find the perfect job? In either case, our programs for STEM graduates offer a great possibility to chart your future. 

The Indian Graduate Trainee Program rigorously trains students from premier engineering institutions within the country every year. You get the exposure you would expect from a global leader, with experienced mentors and supportive team members. This is a genuine platform to kickstart your career.

About the program

The Graduate Trainee Program begins with orienting students about our businesses, providing technical training of our products and with factory and substation visits to enhance the experience. Upon completion of the month-long familiarization period, Graduate Trainees are evaluated and given a job assignment at any of our factories and offices in India. Job assignments vary in terms of location and business unit and provide a broad understanding of the organization. At the end of the one-year program, businesses will recruit Graduate Trainees for permanent placements.

Business unit placement

Upon the successful completion of the initial 12 months training period, the company will determine the best placement for you within the respective business unit. The location of your employment will be determined by business need, your preferences and where opportunities open within the country.

Employment contract and relocation

For successful candidates who accept our offer, you will receive a grant of Rs. 2,000 per month for your final year at college (Rs. 24,000) paid after you have joined the company.

As a Graduate Trainee, you will earn a salary of Rs. 6 lakhs per year. Outstation Trainees can claim up to Rs. 6,000 per month towards accommodation during the Trainee period. At the end of the program, when you are onboarded as a full-time permanent team member, your total salary will be Rs. 6.5 lakhs per year. 

And that’s not all. There will also be a flat payment of Rs. 1.5 lakhs at the end of three years after graduation. In return, we do require you to sign a letter of commitment for four years, which includes the one-year Graduate Trainee Program.