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Hitachi Energy Job Functions

At Hitachi Energy, your experience matters, and we want to help you develop it further. Our portfolio of career opportunities in the energy industry can provide you with a future in power generation and sustainable energy solutions. Be a part of our exciting journey and grow your professional career with us.

Central functions are the backbone of our company. Without these valued members our business cannot function. Join one of our teams in Human Resources, Finance, Supply Chain Management, Communications & Public Affairs, Legal, Procurement & Logistics, Real Estate, Internal Audit or General Administration and support our purpose of providing a stronger, smarter and greener grid! Search for various jobs on the job search page.

For nearly a century, we measure our success by what matters to our customers. Our consultants combine global industry expertise with a commitment to support clients’ electrification objectives safely and efficiently.  We help address the issues of network strategy, planning & operations, capacity, efficiency, stability, security, and reliability. 

Power Consulting has deployed solutions across six continents, so we have a unique, first-hand perspective on the complex political and regulatory environments our customers face. We help businesses of all sizes including municipalities and cooperatives to solve their power challenges.

Support us in this exciting new area and search for Consulting Services jobs today!

Developing solutions for our customers all over the world and working on our market-leading technologies will challenge and enrich your work, and your mind. In order to achieve our goals, we rely on people from diverse backgrounds who will flourish in an inclusive workplace. 

Engineering at our company covers a broad range of disciplines: electrical, electronics, software, hardware, mechanical, mechatronics, civil, material, and chemical, to name a few. Our broad range of products and services offers engineers from different disciplines many exciting challenges. Search through our various Engineering positions and find work with a purpose! 

From IS Applications and ERP Integration Managers to UX Designers and Java Developers, roles in this function vary from global, company-wide technology systems to management of local, team-specific applications or systems. You can focus on a business or function, concentrating on application development or operational and service management. If you have the energy, discipline and intellectual firepower to succeed in those tasks, you will find almost limitless opportunities to stretch your thinking, expand your horizons and build your skills as you work with people all over the world!

The breadth of what we do offers a wide range of challenging roles, from selling complex, state-of-the-art systems to managing channel and distributor partnerships.

Understanding the full potential of our technology and the trends in our markets is highly rewarding, while helping customers all over the world improve efficiency, save resources and reduce emissions gives our work a powerful sense of purpose.

In General Management, we have highly skilled people who orchestrate business activities within a specific area, and they are accountable for building and leading effective, capable and high-performing teams. We are convinced that skilled leaders create high-performing teams and are inspirational. We provide leadership training for managers at all levels and for our high-potential early career talents. You can search for positions either by choosing the “General Management” job function or the categories “Line Management/Project Lead” or “Middle Management/Senior Management” in the “types of roles” section.

As a project manager you will get to orchestrate and lead some of the most innovative and complex engineering projects being implemented today. Working in a pioneering company is exciting and it is the perfect ground to hone your project management skills.

In product management, you will also need to combine specific skills in order to generate the best output for our products. Whether you improve product lifecycles, analyze market trends, create marketing plans, or support product development, we need highly skilled and analytical people! 

Manufacturing excellence is in our DNA. Attention is paid to the smallest detail so that our solutions provide high-quality, on-time results for the customer. We are also fully committed to a safer, healthier workplace, and a sustainable future for generations to come. We place a high value on protecting our people and the communities we live in, so our first concern is to perform our work in a safe and secure manner. The exceptional people you work with, the unique projects you tackle, and the global scale of our business will give you the skills and experience you need to take your career to the next level. These daily challenges are met by our skilled Operations Planners, Fulfillment Managers, Demand Planners, Schedulers, Assemblers, Technicians, Production Engineers and many other valuable team members. Sounds great? Find your job in Production & Manufacturing or Planning & Fulfillment today!

Quality, safety and the environment are integral in everything we do. Our portfolio includes the most advanced power and productivity products and systems in the world and our customers expect the very best from our products and services. You will support operations by delivering above and beyond what is expected, and you will find all the challenges you need to create a world-class career. This category includes jobs like Health, Safety & Environment Coordinator, Mergers & Acquisitions Specialist, Business Development Specialist, Quality Engineers, Quality Control Specialists, Continuous Improvement Leads and many more positions that help us deliver better and faster results for our customers, team members and society every day.

Interested? Search for jobs in Continuous Improvement, Corporate Development & Corporate Strategy, Process & Quality and Sustainability.

Our R&D engineers and scientists develop breakthrough technologies that change the way the world works, and the way industries do business. We constantly push the limits of convention, yet our focus is always on delivering solid results for our customers.

We concentrate on two areas: short-term evolutionary innovations to existing products and services, and long-term disruptive innovations crucial to maintaining and strengthening our position as a leader in power technology.

Working on the latest innovations and developing technical solutions with world-class engineers and scientists from all over the world and in diverse teams gives you the chance to shape the future for a stronger, smarter and greener grid. We actively encourage people from all backgrounds to apply for roles. Most R&D jobs require a degree in one of our core technologies, generally a PhD in research centers, but requirements do vary for each tole. Please see specific job postings for details.

From rapid response and performance improvement to operational efficiency and life-cycle management, service affects the daily lives of millions of people around the globe. Whether you work in Service & Maintenance, Installation or Commissioning, you can see the outcome and impact of your work immediately. People from all backgrounds flourish in our inclusive work environment. We actively encourage people from diverse backgrounds to apply for roles and support these crucial functions as a Site Manager, Testing Engineer, Technician, or in a similar role.

Leistungen & Weiterentwicklung


Neugierig sein und Ambitionen haben sind gute Einstellungen. Wir glauben an das Konzept des kontinuierlichen Lernens. Unsere Teammitglieder wachsen durch herausfordernde und engagierte Arbeit mit vielen Möglichkeiten, von Mitarbeitenden und Mentoren sowie Mentorinnen zu lernen. Wir ermutigen alle unsere Mitarbeitenden aktiv, unsere internen Weiterbildungsmöglichkeiten zu nutzen, welche verschiedene Kurse in Soft Skills, Sprachen, Führungskräfteentwicklung und mehr anbieten. Wir unterstützen das technische Know-how unserer Teammitglieder auch durch professionelle Schulungen wie die Lean Six Sigma Zertifizierung. Die Lernmöglichkeiten werden auf Ihre Bedürfnisse zugeschnitten, basierend auf dem Standort, den Geschäftsanforderungen und den vereinbarten Entwicklungszielen.

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Es gibt viele Gründe, warum Sie bei Hitachi Energy arbeiten sollten.  Wir möchten sicherstellen, dass alle Teammitglieder in einer gesunden und sicheren Umgebung vorankommen und die Vorteile ihrer Arbeit genießen können. Unsere kompetenten „Compensation & Benefits“ Experten arbeiten an der Entwicklung wettbewerbsfähiger und umfassender Gesamtpakete. Wir können unsere Vision nur mit engagierten und motivierten Kollegen und Kolleginnen erfüllen. Bewerben Sie sich noch heute auf eine unserer offenen Stellen und finden Sie heraus, was wir Ihnen bieten können.

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