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FOX505 Compact access multiplexer

The FOX505 is a Utility Multiplexer offering a transport capacity up to STM-1 in a compact form factor. The network element fully supports ring and linear topologies and is ideal for feeding data into higher-order SDH backbones. Its extended operational temperature range and a wide choice of interfaces match the requirements of most utilities.

The device handles the typical Ethernet / LAN utility requirements in the field of access-services. An Ethernet switch board offers L1 & L2 functionality while the IP / PPP board handles all TDM traffic carrying PPP-encapsulated IP packets.

The 19” wide / 4 units high chassis provides 14 front-access slots for:

  • 2 redundant controller modules
  • 2 redundant, hot swappable power supply modules (93-250 VAC / 36-72 VDC)
  • 2 high speed modules (e.g. STM-1)
  • 8 slots for any combination of other interface cards (e.g. E1, voice, LAN, legacy, G.HSDL etc.)
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