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Field-tested transaction management for today’s wholesale markets

The nMarket Suite offers an integrated, bid-to-bill transaction management platform for bidding, position management, scheduling, dispatch, settlement, and reporting. nMarket’s front-office modules provide an attractive price-performance option for simplifying physical scheduling, bidding, ISO communications and position management. nMarket’s back-office modules offer the energy industry’s most comprehensive platform for ISO/RTO settlement data capture, shadow settlement, and dispute management.

With front-office to back-office integration, you get all the efficiency, accuracy, and superior audit trail of straight-through processing. nMarket’s design and standard APIs make it easy to integrate with internal or third-party systems and allow customers to deploy front-office or back-office functionality when and where you need it.

nMarket Software as a Service (SaaS) and hosted solutions

Southwest Power Pool (SPP) and Midcontinent Independent System Operator (MISO) and Ireland (I-SEM) markets are available as a SaaS offering hosted by Hitachi Energy on the Microsoft Azure cloud. Users can now access nMarket from any location, anytime. You save money on IT expenses, licensing, and migration expenses because you always have the most current version, newest technology, and latest user enhancements.

Benefits of using a SaaS solution and cloud hosting include:

  • Reduced release activities
  • Always current ISO support changes
  • Automatic solution upgrades with no additional licensing expense
  • Reduced acceptance testing and training costs
  • Improved performance and scalability
  • High availability for system and load balancing
  • Easy Microsoft® Excel® imports and access to rich reporting for real-time analytics
  • Enhanced access to multiple markets in one interface

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