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DMS600 4.4 FP1 Introduces Volt-VAr optimization

This release presents new features including Volt-VAr control; to reduce losses and to keep network operationally safe, and enhanced fault isolation and restoration; using SYS600 9.4 sequencer to improve safety. The update also includes a number of smaller improvements and fixes.

Introduction to the product family

MicroSCADA Pro is a product family focused on power system automation such as substation automation, electrical SCADA, distribution management applications, and industrial power management. The products of the MicroSCADA Pro family are:

  • MicroSCADA Pro Control System SYS600
  • MicroSCADA Pro Compact System SYS600C
  • MicroSCADA Pro Distribution Management System DMS600

Major new functions and updates:

  • Architectural changes and DMS service framework
  • Extended AMI/AMR Meter Data Management
  • Fault isolation and restoration improvements
  • Coordinated Volt-VAr control
  • Advanced Map Material
  • LV network switching plan management and support for LV network outage reporting
  • User Activity Logging (UAL) and Central Activity Logging (CAL)
  • Cyber security tool and guideline
  • Visualize time series data

Performance and capacity improvements

The architecture has been renovated using the Hitachi Energy Service Framework for easily-manageable server components. The addition of multiple network windows gives improved view to the operating network with the ability to zoom in on the data which matters.

More information

All license orders for MicroSCADA Pro are done via the On-line MicroSCADA Pro Sales Configurator.

More information about ordering can be found in the Release Note.

The Release Note documentation is located in this page under 'Release Note' and the software for the MicroSCADA Pro at MicroSCADA Pro portal.

Kind regards,

Matti Kärenlampi
Product Manager
MicroSCADA Pro DMS600

power plant engineer for substation
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