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New MicroSCADA Pro SYS600 software released

We make your engineering enjoyable

MicroSCADA Pro introduces the new SYS600 version 9.4 FP1. The SYS600 9.4 FP1 is so far the easiest software version to engineer, thanks to the tight integration with IET600. The security of the software has been further developed to strengthen the system security. System availability and usability are improved through Hot Stand-by developments in file replication and workplace restoration.

Introduction to the product family

MicroSCADA Pro is a product family focused on power system automation such as substation automation, electrical SCADA, distribution management applications, and industrial power management. The products of the MicroSCADA Pro family are:

  • MicroSCADA Pro Control System SYS600
  • MicroSCADA Pro Compact System SYS600C
  • MicroSCADA Pro Distribution Management System DMS600

New features

Easier engineering

The engineering of SYS600 using IET600 has be significantly improved. A new data exchange interface has been developed that brings the following benefits:

  • Significantly simplified engineering workflow
  • Iterative changes can be applied rapidly, consistently and safely
  • Less manual steps leads to less mistakes and better quality
  • Automatic backup for possible rollback

This functionality is available with IET600 5.3 FP1 and SYS600 9.4 FP1.

Cyber Security enhancements

The support for DNP Secure Authentication version 5 is now available. Additionally IP address white listing is available for the communication between SYS600 nodes and the local password storage is encrypted according to industry standard mechanisms.

Operational improvements

The file replication in Hot Stand-by configurations has been optimized to minimize the system vulnerability, and the workplace handling at Hot Stand-by switch-over is improved so that the workplaces can be fully, automatically restored to correct displays and layouts.

More information

All license orders for MicroSCADA Pro are done via the On-line MicroSCADA Pro Sales Configurator.

More information about ordering can be found in the release note and the release presentation.

The release note documentation is located in this page under 'Release notes' and the software for the MicroSCADA Pro at MicroSCADA Pro portal.

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Mikael Molander
Product Manager
Power Systems Automation & Communication

E: mikael.molander@fi.abb.com
power plant engineer for substation
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