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REB670 - Busbar protection

State-of-the-art protection - for your equipment and your people

The REB670 IED (Intelligent Electronic Device) is designed for the protection and monitoring of busbars, T-connections, and meshed corners from medium to extra high voltage levels in up to six zones. Due to its extensive I/O capability, REB670 protects single, double, and triple busbar with or without transfer bus, double-circuit breaker, or one-and-half circuit breaker arrangements.

It provides selective, reliable, and fast fault clearance for all types of internal phase-to-phase and phase-to-earth faults in solidly earthed or low-impedance earthed power systems. It can also handle all internal multi-phase faults in isolated or high-impedance earthed power systems.

Relion® – Complete confidence

Busbar protection REB670 IED belongs to the Relion® protection and control product family. The Relion product family offers the widest range of products for the protection, control, measurement, and supervision of power systems. To ensure interoperable and future-proof solutions, Relion products have been designed to implement the core values of the IEC 61850 standard. With Hitachi Energy's leading-edge technology, global application knowledge, and experienced support network, you can be completely confident that your system performs reliably – in any situation. 

REB670 - Busbar protection

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