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RXMB - High-speed relay


The RXMB 1 is a general purpose auxiliary relay offering multiple contact and coil configuration arrangements. Versions of the relay are available as a pin-compatible replacement for RXMA 1 and RXMM 1. Other versions provide up to 4 individual relays in one module, making compact assemblies for auxiliary relay logic etc.

The high-speed of operation allows the relay to be used for trip auxiliary functions. Some versions are available with LED indication. The relay is available in dc and ac versions.

Main Features:

  • Wide range of contact configurations
  • Pin-compatible with earlier relays such as RXMA 1 and RXMM 1 etc.
  • Some versions with indicating LED's


The RXMB 2 auxiliary relay supplements the RXMB 1 by providing additional usable contacts. The RXMB 2 provides high-speed operation and offers several configurations with regard to number of contacts and coil configurations. One version provides 4 independent relays with two change-over contacts each. Another version provides one relay assembly with 10 change-over contacts. A third relay variant provides 15 contacts.

The relay is available with contact configurations according to the earlier relay type RXMA 2 and may therefor be used when such contact configurations are needed e.g when replacing an earlier standard application.

Please note that the operating times differ and that the new RXMB 2 relay is faster both on pick-up and drop-out. Other operating requirements, such as an elevated pick-up level may be achieved using the RTXV.

Main Features:

  • Wide range of contact configurations
  • Pin-compatible versions with RXMA 2
  • 15 contacts or 10 change-over contacts
  • One version with four independent relays, each with two change-over contacts 

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