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RXIDK/RAIDK - Time-overcurrent/earth-fault relay and protection assemblies

RXIDK 2H is a single-phase microprocessor based time-overcurrent relay that is available in multi-phase and earth-fault assemblies RAIDK. The RXIDK 2H has simple setting knobs and selector-switches for different inverse and fixed time delay overcurrent characteristics and operate values and time delays. It is used as short-circuit and earth-fault protection for all types of objects in the network.

The available time-lag characteristics and the short recovery times, together with independent measuring elements in each phase and for earth-faults, ensures suitability on networks of major importance, where selectivity and short backup tripping times are essential. It has four LEDs on the front for start, trip and self-supervision indication.

RXIDK 2H is pin compatible with the obsolete RXIDF 2H relays and is therefore offered as a replacement part.

Main Features:

  • Independent measuring elements
  • Three versions with different current ranges and wide setting ranges
  • Versions with built-in test switch, DC/DC converter and heavy-duty trip relays are available
  • Available with optional built-in filters for different frequency characteristics 

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