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RARIC (Legacy)

Shaft current protection

RARIC is available in two versions. Version 1 measures the fundamental ac component in the shaft current. If the lowest setting can be used (small disturbances), the relay can detect primary shaft currents of 0,25 - 0,8 A. Version 2 is used when the shaft current transformer is exposed to large fundamental leakage flux from the machine. Version 2 measures the third harmonic ac component in the shaft current and can, at its lowest setting, (0,5 mA) detect primary shaft currents of 0,25 - 0,8 A, third harmonic component if version 2 is to be used.

RARIC includes a test switch, type RTXP 18, ac-dc converter RXTUB 2 or dc/dc-converter RXTUG 22H, overcurrent relay, type RXIK 1, time relay, type RXKL 1 and heavy-duty trip relay, type RXME 18. Version 2 also includes a filter which attenuates the fundamental current into the relay.

Main Features:

  • Great flexibility in mounting and wiring
  • Delivered prewired and factory tested cubicles or as individual relays
  • Each relay has its own dc supply and secondary testing facilities
  • Suitable for generators as well as other rotating ac machines

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