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AC bushing type DRY NC®

DRY NC® is a non-condenser, non-graded dry bushing, which enables the customer to benefit from the advantages of silicone rubber insulators by getting rid of brittle porcelain and oil explosion risks. Firstly, an organic insulation resin layer is directly molded on the conductor rod. Afterward, the silicone rubber insulator is molded on top to create the final shed profile. In contrast with porcelain bushings, the DRY NC® installation is very easy and performed by means of a single flange capable to manage both EN and DIN standards.


Product scope:

  • Voltage: 24-72 kV
  • Current: 1,250 - 6,300 A
  • Technology: Combined Resin Silicone
AC bushing type DRY NC®

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