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Resin impregnated paper (RIP) is a term used for dry bushings in which the main insulation consists of a core wound from crepe paper, which is then impregnated with a curable resin. The outer insulation is a composite insulator with silicone sheds or a porcelain insulator. Hitachi Energy offers the widest and most complete range of RIP bushings for AC and DC transformers and reactors, AC and DC wall applications, and AC switchgear and breakers in the market. Our bushings are compliant with many international and regional product standards.

Why Hitachi Energy as your preferred partner?

  • Speak to our expert – superior technical consulting starting with the pre-sales process
  • Engineered for your needs – customize your bushing with our online product configurator COMPAS. We offer the world’s widest range covering all technologies in AC and DC, up to the highest ratings    
  • Documentation at your fingertips – instantly download our comprehensive documentation, e.g. outline drawings, 3D models, type test summaries, declarations, manuals, and catalogs
  • Responsiveness drives productivity - fast customer quotations and technical consulting
  • Fast and reliable deliveries – assured short delivery time enabled by our unique footprint with production sites on each continent
  • Minimize unplanned transformer downtime – minimize the risk of bushing failure with our TXpert® bushing monitoring
  • Fast response – benefit from our 24/7 helpdesk. Rapid local on-site support through the world’s largest transformer service organization present in more than 30 countries. Connect remotely to our service experts to save cost and time.
  • Seamless upgrades & replacements – matching solutions for all bushing brands executed by our certified global service personnel having vast field experience.
  • Optimize inventories – reduce your bushing inventories by up to 35% using bushing diagnostic test data to prioritize only those bushings at risk.
  • Transparent and predictable cost – tailored bushing and diagnostic services with transparent costs facilitating reliable budget planning and optimized maintenance spend.

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