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AC bushings - seismic requirements

Selection guide for AC bushings, when seismic requirements as per IEEE 693 applies. As we are continuously extending our seismic portfolio, please contact us if your preferred type is not available in the table.

Bushing Type designation IEEE 693
Moderate level
IEEE 693
High Level
GOB GOB 250/800 Available Available
  GOB 250/1250 Available Available
  GOB 325 Available Available
  GOB 380/800 Available Available
  GOB 380/1250 Available Available
  GOB 450 Available Available
  GOB 550/800 Available Contact us
  GOB 550/1250 Available Contact us
  GOB 650 Available Contact us
  GOB 750 Available Available
  GOB 1050 Contact us Contact us
GOE GOE 250-210-3150 Available Available
  GOE 250-210-5000 Available Available
  GOE 380-300-3150 Available Available
  GOE 380-300-5000 Available Available
  GOE 650-500-3150 Available Contact us
  GOE 650-500-5000 Available Contact us
  GOE 950-650-3150 Available Contact us
  GOE 1050-750-2500 Available Available
  GOE 1050-750-5000 Contact us Contact us
  GOE 1175-850-2500 Contact us Contact us
  GOE 1300-1050-2500 Contact us Contact us
  GOE 1425-1150-2500 Contact us Contact us
  GOE 1550-1175-2500 Available Contact us
  GOE 1675-1300-2500 Available Contact us
  GOE 1800-1360-2500 Available Contact us
  GOE 2100-1425-2500 Available Contact us
  GOE 2550-1675-2500 Contact us Contact us
GOE(2) GOE (2) 1175 Contact us Contact us
  GOE (2) 1425 Contact us Contact us
  GOE (2) 1550-1175 Available Contact us
  GOE (2) 1675-1300 Available Contact us
GOH GOH 170/10 Available Available
  GOH 170/16 Available Available
  GOH 170/25 Available Available
GSA All types Available Available
GSB GSB 245-1600A Available Available
  GSB 245-2500A Available Available
  GSB 362-1600A Available Available
  GSB 362-2500A Available Available
  GSB 420-1600A Available Available
  GSB 420-2500A Available Available
  GSB 550-1600A Available Available
  GSB 550-2500A Available Available
  GSB 800 Available,
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