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Powering Good

Committed to sustainable development, we come together to improve the quality of life of people around the world through pioneering technologies, by adding social, environmental and economic value. 

Through our advanced portfolio of sustainable, digital energy solutions, we will work with our partners spanning the energy (utilities), industry, mobility, IT and smart life (cities) sectors. 

For the energy sector we believe that delivering a sustainable energy future requires the evolution of a stronger, smarter and greener power grid.

As more renewable power sources join to gradually replace carbon-based energy, we need to ensure our grids remain resilient, and become more flexible as they adapt to fast-changing demands and increasing decentralization. 

Only through effective digitalization of all elements of the energy value chain can this be delivered. Our leading open digital platform is designed to provide the data transparency, actionable insights and security required.

Making energy more accessible, affordable and sustainable also needs better energy efficiency at all stages of distribution and a reduced environmental footprint throughout the lifecycle of all components. We are committed to this for all our operations and ensuring a sustainable energy future for all. 

We achieve this by synergizing our efforts with partners committed to the same values.

Our commitments

  1. Reduce our greenhouse gas emissions along our value chain in alignment with the science-based target initiative and the Paris Agreement. 

  2. Increase fossil free electricity in our operations and meet our GHG reduction target of - 40% by 2020 in our operations (baseline 2013).

  3. Ensure that all our facilities are certified with HSE management system by 2021, currently 80% of our facilities are certified.

  4. Target 25% of employees and 40 % of direct university recruitments to be women by 2025.   

  5. Contribute to the upgradation of education facilities and continue to support engineering scholarships globally. 

Stakeholder engagement process

Hitachi Energy has a wide variety of internal and external stakeholders. Engaging with them helps us understand their expectations, which is key for the success of sustainable business. We have carried out surveys and dialogues with external and internal stakeholders which have helped us to identify our material topics and these were instrumental in developing our sustainability strategy and objectives.  

Top material topics 

  • Climate change, renewable energy and energy efficiency

  • Safe, healthy and secure operations

  • Sustainable products, services and solutions

  • Human rights and labor conditions

  • Stakeholder engagement